In our last newsletter, we told you that we would be opening a cafe for a company in Santa Cruz. Well, now we can give you the details. The company is Plantronics. This is the same outfit that provided the headsets for Neil Armstrong and crew when they went to the moon back in July, 1969. It’s a great company, and we are very excited to be there. We even get our greens from a hydroponics farm on the Plantronics campus. And we get to work with the farmer on what greens we want! How cool is that?

Historically, the last couple of weeks in December are very slow in our business. Many companies close down between Christmas and New Year’s. And even the week before the shutdown is much slower than the other months. But we defied all odds this year. We were working on new accounts as late as December 22! Going into 2018, we already have a half dozen new opportunities that we will be working on in January.

And, finally, our food blog, The Food Sage, continues to grow. We added a lot more followers this past quarter on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The Food Sage herself, Joni Russell, wrote a bunch of blog posts. It’s definitely gathering some steam. If you haven’t read her blog yet, make a point of doing it. Her knowledge, research, and great ideas will be helpful to both corporate and personal food service providers. The link is