Well, we are 2 months into the 2nd quarter of 2018. So what’s the latest from the first 5 months of the year? To begin with, we are just finishing our 5th month of operation at Plantronics. It’s a great company to do business with. And we are looking forward to growing with them.

We’ve also secured 3 new partnerships. One is building 182, our 2nd location on the Lockheed, Sunnyvale campus. We have been at the 1st cafe, building 158, for quite a few years now. We opened the 2nd one on April 2. We are continuing to grow the business. Our chef at 158, Daniel, who has been there for 6 years, is also operating 182. Besides Lockheed, we closed a deal to operate a cafe for a defense contractor (our 3rd, with Lockheed and Northrop Grumman being the first 2) in the South Bay. We should be opening this cafe early 3rd quarter. I will have more information in my next newsletter.

Finally, on the new cafe front, we have signed a contract with a federal credit union in Southern California. It’s called Logix, and we will be opening the cafe in their new building, which is set to open in March or April of 2019. We have been working on this for a long time and were even able to give input on the specs for the cafe. This cafe gives us a foothold in Southern California and is a great start for our expansion plan on the West Coast.

And Josh, our social media guru, and Joni, our Food Sage, continue to build their brand on behalf of The Corporate Chef. Our social media presence keeps growing. If you are not following us yet, we are on Twitter at CorpChefLloyd and Facebook at

See you later this summer. ing